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London is probably one of the most historic cities that you can live in. Since I moved to London, I have been living in Berrylands in the Royal London Borough Kingston Upon Thames. Today, Berrylands is mainly a residential area ,but it was once a Angel Saxon settlement close to the River Thames.

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I like living a little bit out from the center of London. It does not matter too much as it only takes you about 20 minutes to get into the center of London by train. Buying a place here, was one of the best things that I have ever done.

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I know that a lot of people are reluctant to move out of the center of London. They are worried that they are going to end up lonely and without friends. So they stay in the center of London paying almost impossible rents and mortgages. I decided that the average London lifestyle was not for me, so I moved out to Berrylands in Richmond Upon Thames. Am I lonely? One I come home from work in the City, I know that I will never be lonely thanks to the girls at Berrylands escorts.

To be honest, once I come home from work in the City, I have had enough of people. I just want to chill out and relax a bit. More than often I end up calling Berrylands escorts services to see which one of my favorite hot babes is free that evening. The truth is that I can have a hot girl from Berrylands escorts with me in less than 45 minutes. Yes, it is nice with a constant companion, but I am not sure that the full time companionship is for me. I do enjoy the company of women, but I also know that I have a real passion for dating cheap escorts.

I have been dating escorts ever since I moved to London about five years. There is something special about escorts, and I think it is only Berrylands escorts who can give me that kind of experience that I am looking for. As a Scorpio, I know that I am more than interested in sensual arts. I have a huge craving for the sensual and I think that I can only get that from girls like the ones at Berrylands escorts. Yes, I have dated other ladies as well, but none of them have really been able to feel prepared to explore the world of sensuality with me. It was not until I met the hot vixens at Berrylands escorts that I knew that I would be able to fulfil this part of my life.

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I don’t only date one girls at cheap Berrylands escorts, I date several. What I really like about Berrylands escorts is that they let you explore the unknown. If you have something new that you would like to enjoy, they are more than happy to experience that with you.

Personally I have developed a real passion for duo dating over the years. Berrylands escorts have a couple of fantastic duo dating teams, and I like to see my hot talented babes a couple of times per week. My favorite duo dating pair is are Amanda and Priscilla. Priscilla is a hot Black lady who can really rock your world. Amanda is a cool Icelandic blonde who can make every sensual technique a pleasure. They are both adorable, and I love joining in all of the pleasures they have to offer me.

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You may think that there are no extra ordinary escorts services outside of the center of London. In that case you would be sorely mislead. Girls like the hot babes at cheap Berrylands escorts are more than happy to prove you wrong. If you are ever in the neighbourhood and hankering for some sensual female company, I would not hesitate to give Berrylands escorts. A girl can be at your door very quickly, and as rates are reasonable, you can spend all night enjoying the pleasure that she has to offer you.

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