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Bedfordshire is a county in the east of England. It is not very far from central London, and many Bedfordshire residents do commute to London on a frequent basis. The local are known as “Clangers” which is enough to put a smile on most people’s faces.

The Chiltern Hills is an area of outstanding natural beauty in Bedfordshire and a great place to come for a bit of walking or rambling. Luton is the largest built up area in Bedfordshire and boost over 200,000 residents. The nearby Luton airport brings a lot of trade to Bedfordshire and is an easy area to find employment in.

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Bedfordshire may be a little bit out of the way for some people, but that does not mean that you can find exactly what you need in Bedfordshire. I have been living in Bedfordshire for the last five years and I love it here. As a pilot, living near Luton in Bedfordshire, I know that this is the perfect playground for me. Not only do I have my local golf club to keep me busy, but if I need some female company I can always give Bedfordshire outcall escorts a call. Believe me, there is never a need to be lonely in this beautiful part of the UK. The hot girls at Bedfordshire escorts have just as much to offer as elite escorts elsewhere.  What surprises me is that some people don’t believe that we have an escorts agency here in Luton. Fun adult sexual services always seem to be forever associated with London, but that does not have to be the case. The presence of sexy ladies at Bedfordshire escorts agency goes to prove that there is a lot more to this historic English county than first thought.

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The escorts service in Bedfordshire functions very much like any other adult dating service.  However, unlike London, most girls who work as Bedfordshire escorts work as outcall escorts. To me that is a much better system and I have to admit that I really enjoying dating this way.

First of all, I think that dating Bedfordshire escorts on an outcall basis is much more relaxing. You don’t have to worry about driving some place and parking a car. For me as  pilot it is really great.

Often when I come off a flight, I feel a bit out of sorts and in need of female companionship. All I do is to give cheap Bedfordshire escorts a call. The reception service is great, and I can have a sexy lady from Bedfordshire escorts around to my house with half an hour. When I lived in London, it used to take me longer than that to get to an escorts house. I love it here and I think that outcall escorts services is the way to go.

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Do I have any favorite sexy ladies at Bedfordshire escorts? I have to say that all of the ladies who work for cheap Bedfordshire escorts are really hot, but there are some ladies who are more special than others.

Take our super sexy Anna for instance. This leggy blonde from Poland is one of the most adventurous ladies that I have ever met, and I have always enjoyed a first class sexy service from Anna. She is quick to come around, and she dresses for the occasion. If you enjoy dating ladies who are a bit like whirlwind taking over your life, you will enjoy dating the sexy Anna. With her perky tits and long flowing hair, she is a real vision to behold. As a matter of fact, she is just the distraction that I need after a long flight. You can say that Anna certainly knows how to soothe more than my soul.

Then we have the exciting Alicia. I am not sure where Alicia is from but she is one the sexiest brunettes that I have ever met. She has a a special little wiggle when she walks, and she is one of the girls from Bedfordshire escorts who always manages to step up the tempo. I enjoy her company immensely and have dated her on many occasions. Unlike Anna, she is the perfect petite and come and sit on my lap any day she likes. As far as Bedfordshire escorts go, she is probably one of the hottest ladies at the agency.

Bedfordshire escorts do not only offer one-to-one dating. If you are looking for something a little bit special, they are more than capable of helping you as well. One of my friends at the golf club enjoys some special adult sexual services. Bondage has always been his thing. I cannot say that I am really into bondage but my friend Alan certainly seems to get a lot out of his dates with Bedfordshire escorts. Thank goodness that we all have different tastes. If we were all trying to date the same Bedfordshire escorts all of the time, I don’t know what would happen.

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