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Are You In The Mood For A Summer Fling?

Would you like to live in the British countryside but still be able to reach London quickly? In that case, you should consider a move to Bearsted. Believe it or not, people have been living in this part of Kent for many hundreds of years. It is even thought that Bearsted was an important stop off point for the Ancient Romans made their way to London. However, that is not the only historical association that Bearsted can boost about. The Vikings only sailed up the River Medway and settled in the area of Bearsted.

Having A Summer Fling With cheap Bearsted Escorts

Are you in the mood for a summer fling? I always take a couple of weeks off from cheap Bearsted escorts during the summer. Just like so many other women up and down the UK, I love to jet off somewhere and enjoy a couple of weeks rest and relaxation in the sun. Yes, it is nice to chill out on the beach or by the pool, but most of the time you probably want to have some fun art night when you are on holiday. I learned the importance of taking time out from work from my time at an outcall London agency that I worked for a few years back.

The first couple of nights, you probably spend your time doing some shopping. European summer fashion changes quickly and I like to make sure that my summer wardrobe stays up to date with a few modifications every year. But, what do you do when you find yourself on a singles’ holiday and have done all of the shopping? It is then when it is time to go looking for a little bit of holiday romance. 

Best Places To Find A Date

As an escort working for Bearsted escorts, it goes without saying that I know all of the best places where you can pick up a sexy date. If this is your first time on a girl’s solo summer holiday, I have got a couple of hot tips for you. I keep telling the other girls at cheap Bearsted escorts, Kent,Castelnau, collier wood, brentford,Bekesbourne, Stonebridge Green, St Michaels and Beltinge escorts that you should aim to pick-up a local expat. They are often grateful for the attention and are much more likely to know all of the best restaurants and places to go in the local area.

Not only that, you will find that many expats are generous. They love to buy you drinks and in general chat you up. Many of them need are in need of a bit of TLC. They often date more senior local ladies and are happy for the attention of cheap Bearsted escorts. As a matter of fact, it normally only takes a few days for them to start trying to talk you into coming living with them. That is when you know when you have got them hooked. The best places to find them are in local bars or at golf courses.

Holiday Flings With cheap Bearsted Escorts

Should you tell them you work for an escort agency? I have never told any of my holiday romance flings that I work for Bearsted escorts. I guess I could and ultimately it would not do any harm. After all, you are only there for a few days and you may even earn some extra cash on your holiday. However, there are still men who are a bit suspicious of escorts and may not want to date Bearsted escorts. 

As always make sure that you stay safe. Don’t go home or follow a guy back to his hotel when you are not comfortable in his company. Also make sure that you use a condom if you decide to have sex with him. He may just sleep around with other ladies where you are not there. As I say to Bearsted escorts, you don’t want to come home with something other than nice treats and a good suntan. 

I love my singles holidays. Sure, I have been on holiday with the rest of the girls from cheap Bearsted escorts, but I have to admit that I feel that I have got on better myself. If you are looking for a good time and to have a holiday fling, one of the best places you can travel to is the Spanish costas. That is normally where you will find me during the summer.