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Charlotte London Balham escorts and sexy fun in Domesday Book Balham

I love it hear in Balham, South London, says Tina from Balham escorts. Sadly Balham is one of those places few people visit when they come to London, and I think it is a place which is worthy of a visit. It is probably one of the most ancient parts of London, and if you area history buff, you will know that it is even mentioned in the Domesday book. During the Second World War, Balham was rather heavily bombed and is perhaps a bit less historic than other parts of London. However, it is still a nice place to walk around, and Balham has excellent transport links to the center of London which is great for us girls at Balham escorts when we want to go shopping.

Balham escorts in the community

There are not that many Balham escorts services, and at the moment, mainly local gents use our escorts services. We have a large Polish community in this part of London, and many of the girls who work for the agency are from Poland. I enjoy working with Polish girls. Not only do we have a lot of fun together, but the local gents seem to prefer Polish born escorts.

I know that there are girls from many parts of the world working in London, but there seems to be something special about Polish girls. A lot of the gents who date using Balham escorts, say that the girls always go that extra mile and make the date special. We are so lucky here at the agency, and I have to say that all of the girls have very full dating diaries. All in all, I think that we are one of the more successful escorts agencies in Greater London, and I always have a lot of girls who would like to join us.

Not that easy

It is not that easy to join Balham escorts, says Tina. I have put a lot of hard work into this agency, and I want to make sure that our gents can enjoy the absolutely best. There is no point in trying girls who are just not going to work out. Lots of girls who approach me to become escorts, just want to do so for the money. I can spot them a mile off, there is no way that they are even going to get a look in as long as I am here.

I have no problem recruiting new girls for Balham escorts at all, but I would like them to be special. First of all, they actually need to want to work as escorts, and enjoy adult fun. It needs to be a lifestyle choice and it is really just as simple as that. When I first started out in the escorts service, lots of girls worked for an agency for a few months and them moved on. That doesn’t really work, and I want girls who want to stay here, and make a career out of it.

What does it take to join Balham escorts?

Of course you need to be sexy and have some sort of hidden talent. Most of the girls who join here do have a few tricks up their sleeves. I even have a lot of girls working for me who have previous experience of escorting. That is great, and I don’t mind that, as long as they are happy to share with the girls who are joining. I am a great believe in learning from others, so to join Balham escorts, you need to be generous and friendly.

You need to be a really hot sex kitten. I have some girls come and see, and they think just because they are female, they are going to get a job. It doesn’t work that way at all and I am afraid that they don’t ever get over the threshold. You need to have some unique qualities and that means more than being pretty. The most successful girls at the agency are the sexy ones who dare to be different, and go that extra mile with their dates. I always say to my girls to bring their personality to work.

What sort of gent dates Balham escorts?

Gents from all walks of life, date Balham escorts. It goes without saying that our hot and ready to trot ladies are very popular with local gents, as well as gents from out of town. Some companies from central London have relocated to places like Balham just because it is cheaper to run a business here. That means that we are now also seeing some international business men take advantage of our excellent services. Needless to say, regulars make up the main part of the business, and I am grateful that the agency is appreciated locally.

Local gents who use are services are often divorced, and are perhaps reluctant to commit to relationships again. This is why so many of them in this area date Balham escorts. They get the opportunity to have some fun, and party a bit, without any commitment. It is just a way of life these days, and you have to accept, I think, that things are not really going to change. This is why I try to make sure that I always recruit the hottest and sexiest girls for the pleasure of these rather lonely gents.

We offer a full range of services at Balham escorts, but mainly we proud ourselves on our one- to-one dating. Most of the gents who visit the hot babes of Balham escorts like to spend some personal time with our babes, and this normally means one-to-one dating. Role play is rather popular but at the moment we have not gone down the line of escorts for couples. Of course, Balham escorts services would be delighted to extend any service on demand or request. All my girls love it here, and we have some really nice gents come to visit us. It goes without saying we like to show them a really good time.

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