Bagshot escorts – he treats me like a queen but i just wont marry him

Bagshot is one of the larger villages in the southeast of England, and is divided by the A30 which runs between Sunningdale and Camberley. It may only only have a population approaching 6,000 people, but the sprawling size of Bagshot, makes it feel like a much larger village. Bagshot is one of the few villages in Surrey which can be dated back to Pre-Roman times. At one time, it is thought that Bagshot was a royal hunting ground, and that could in fact be the reason why it became known as Bagshot.  Bagshot’s most famous resident is Prince Edward who resides with his family in Bagshot Park which used to be a royal hunting lodge. 

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He Wants to Marry Me!

I love dating, and I have met a lot of exciting gentlemen during my time with cheap Bagshot escorts. But I never thought that I would meet a guy who would like to marry me. Some of the girls at the agency in Bagshot did not lift an eyebrow when one of my dates  asked me to marry me. Personally I was so taken back that I did not really know what to say.

Although I really like the gent, I am not sure that I am ready to leave my work to marry me. Sure, he is fun to spend time with, and when he calls to arrange a date with me, I know that I am always going to have a really good time on a date with him. But I don’t want to marry him.

I Am His Queen at Bagshot Escorts

My date tells me I am his queen at Bagshot escorts. I am glad that he feels passionately about dating me, and enjoys my company, but at the end of the day I am not sure that we have that much in common. He is a lot older than I am, and I think that he may be looking for a Sugar Babe instead of a wife.

Since we have been dating at Bagshot escorts, he has made me feel on top of the world. He is forever taking me into London for nights out and I love it. But that is not real life. Of course, going to some of the top restaurants in Bagshot and other places is nice, but that is not real life. 

Would Our Romance Last?

Although I do see this gent as a knight in shining armour, I am not sure that our romance would last. Every time he comes around to take me out, he brings me something. I don’t dread our dates, but at the same time, I do feel that he goes over the top. Gents have spoiled me with some nice presents before, but this guy goes a little bit over the top. When I tell my colleagues at cheap Bagshot escorts about the stuff that he gives me, they can hardly believe it. 

I think that once we moved in together, our romance would soon fade away. He talks about all of the things that he would like to do once we are married, but I really do wonder if any of them are going to happen. One of the other girls I work with at cheap Bagshot escorts has told me to be a little bit vary of him, and I know exactly what she means when she says that. It is all too easy to get lost in what I call an emotional minefield.

Bagshot Escorts on Romance

Bagshot escorts is not the only the escort service that I have worked for so I have come across a lot of different situation. When you work as an escort, it is indeed really easy to fall in love. As a young escort, I was falling in love all of the time, but since then I have learned a lot. Some gentlemen would like you to fall in love with them just so that they can date you privately and not pay. When you get a bit older, you learn that they are just trying to take advantage of you.

Is my gent trying to take advantage and get me to leave Bagshot escorts just to take advantage? The fact that he keeps piling presents and gifts on me all of the time makes me think so. However, at the same time, there is something different in his eyes. When he looks at me, I think that he does so in a genuine sort of way. 

What About Becoming His Sugar Babe?

I have thought about an alternative to me leaving Bagshot escorts and marrying this guy. Instead of becoming his wife, I could become his Sugar Babe. I would have to insist on my own terms, and as part of those terms, I would insist on not leaving Bagshot escorts. Not only would I miss my friends at the escort agency in Bagshot, but I would also lose my independence if I left.

Most women these days think twice about giving up careers, and that applies to us girls at Bagshot escorts as well. There is no way that I would consider giving up my escort career just so that I could get married. I am still a little bit too young to contemplate marriage, but I am sure that I will do so one day in the future. Will it be for this guy?

Well, he is one of my favorite gents at cheap Bagshot escorts, but I am not sure that I would give up my escorts career for him. It would be handy to marry a guy you meet at an escort service as you would have to explain you use to be an escort. However, I am not sure that this is the man I should be leaving Bagshot escorts for.