Ash escorts – im an undercover lesbian

Ash is a cheap little village and civil parish located near the town of Guilford in Surrey. The history of Ash goes back to the Doomsday book , when this rather considerable ,village of  over 17,000 residents was a small tranquil rural backwater. Today, Ash in Surrey has almost become part of Guilford, and even though it is officially located west of Guilford, it almost appears as an integral part of Guilford. 

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The Real Me… Would He Like Me?

I had just finished one of my dates at cheap Ash escorts when it struck me I am terrible fraud.  None of the gentlemen I date at Ash escorts know that I am lesbian. Being a lesbian does not mean that I don’t enjoy their company. I do enjoy their company, but at the same time, I do wish that I could tell them about the real me. Would they enjoy my company if they knew I was a lesbian? I am not sure about that.

Perhaps it is me, I could be too hung up about being a lesbian. I must admit that there are times when it is really eating away at me, and I worry about it. What if one of the gentlemen I date at Ash escorts would find out accidentally? How long am I going to be able to keep my secret? 

An Undercover Lesbian at Ash Escorts

I am not embarrassed about being the only lesbian at Ash escorts. That being said, I really don’t know if I am the only lesbian at Ash escorts. There are a couple of girls who work for Ash escorts who are openly bisexual, and I am sure that one of them is more lesbian than bisexual. I really can’t see why I should have to feel so guilty about lesbian in the first place. 

The main reason I feel guilty is because of my boss at Ash escorts. He took me on when I really down in the dumps and believed in me. The day we met, he told me that I was one of the sexiest girls that he had ever seen, and that I would have a great career in front of me at Ash escorts. Now I feel that I am only using him.

Are Many Escorts Lesbian?

Are there many cheap escorts who are lesbian? I am not sure how many escorts are lesbian, but I have a feeling that there are rather a few. Lesbians tend to be a little bit more open minded and I guess that helps when you work for an escort service such as Ash escorts. Most of the gentlemen that I meet at the escort agency in Ash have some really interesting ideas. Unlike some of the other girls at Ash escorts, I am not hung up about their somehow crazy ideas.

In general I do think that a lot of escorts are kind of sexually challenged in some way or another. I would not say that it often manifests itself as a physical problem, but some girls may find it hard to talk about their personal lives. Do I talk about my personal life at Ash escorts? I do, but not in any great detail.

Sexiest Escort at Ash Escorts

Out of all of the girls who work for cheap Ash escorts, there are plenty of gents who see me as the sexiest escort at the escort agency. They have tried dating other Ash escorts, but many of them say that they have not got so much out of their dates. I can totally get that, but at the same time, I am not sure what makes me so special. The other day, one of my dates told me that I have got this smouldering undercurrent of something special. Perhaps he was referring to the lesbian side of me. I do wonder if some gents can sense that I am a lesbian.

What makes me such a special escort at Ash escorts? If you like, you can say that I put in a little bit of extra effort into my dates. Maybe that is what makes the difference at the end of the day. When I turn up on an outcall on behalf of Ash escorts, I make sure that I always look the part. Most lesbians girls that I know really like to stay in shape, and that goes for me as well.

Do Gentlemen Enjoy Tomboys?

When I was a little girl, my dad told me that I was a Tomboy meaning that I enjoyed the same things that most boys did. I still feel that way today, and some of the men I date, seem to appreciate my excitement for things like football. I do actually spend a lot of time talking about stuff that may interest men. 

This is why I have started to wonder if gentlemen like to date me because I am a bit of a Tomboy. I am sure most girls at Ash escorts would not be able to hold a meaningful conversation about football or cars for that matter.

Ash Escorts – A Fun Experience

One thing is for sure, I have really enjoyed my time here at Ash escorts. Some girls complain like mad about having to work late at night and stuff like that, but I don’t mind that at all. I have always had a really good time, and working late at night, kind of fits in with my cheap lifestyle. Since I have been working for Ash escorts I have certainly achieved a lot of things, and when I do move on, I will have some very special memories. More than anything, I have certainly made some special friends, and I have enjoyed it.

Do other Ash escorts feel like that? I am not sure how my colleagues at the escort agency feel about having worked here, but I do think that cheap Ash escorts is a good service. Many of the girls who work here, have been with the escort agency for a long time and that is saying something. I know that many girls at other escort agencies in Surrey do not seem to stay as long as the girls who work for Ash escorts.