Arsenal Escorts in London Love The football

Royal Arsenal in London used to be where all of the naval ammunition used to be stored, However, now we often think of Arsenal FC when we talk about Arsenal. Arsenal Football Club is managed by Arsene Wenger as of 2016 and has been since 1996 and they make their home at Emirates Stadium. They are probably one of the most popular football clubs in London, and are known for their fair play.

The Royal Arsenal in east London has more or less disappeared. It is now home to a major propriety development including homes and commercial units. It is quickly becoming one of the most sought after areas to live in here in London.

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Arsenal Escorts: Guess which team they support lol

Do I still follow Arsenal football club? Yes, I still follow Arsenal football club. They are not doing badly but I think it is about time they had a new manager. Arsene has been great but I think we need someone who kicks the player a bit more. They have all come to know what to expect from Arsene and I am not sure that it is working any more.

My spare time is sort of split in between watching Arsenal play, and dating hot girls at cheap Arsenal escorts. I tell you what, there are days when I wish that I could put the hot girls at Arsenal escorts in the strip of the football club, and get them to play.

Most of the girls at Arsenal escorts are keen football supporters and I know that they would love to play for their home club. Like I keep saying to my friends, putting a bunch of Arsenal escorts in team strip, would certainly distract the opposite side. It could just be what Arsenal Football Club needs at this moment in time.

My friends laugh at my crazy ideas with Arsenal escorts, but I honestly think that it would work. However, they don’t know that I date low priced Arsenal escorts. I love the hot babes, and I am just as loyal to my Arsenal escorts as I am to the Arsenal Football Club.

A lot of guys in London date around a lot, and use all different escorts services. I am not like that at all. They probably think it is fun, but I would so much rather date hot escorts that I know well. You may say that I like a bit more of a personal experience.

Scoring Girls at Arsenal Escorts

There are several hot babes at Arsenal escorts that can always score with me.  One of the hottest girls at Arsenal escorts is called Lola and she comes from Brazil. I thought that her long blonde hair was fake the first time I met her but she is 100 percent real. She is that kind of escort that you can date with no holds barred if you know what I mean.

Lola has the most delicious body and I never tire of looking at it. Apart from her long silken hair, she is nice and smooth and loves to delight me. She has not been with cheap Arsenal escorts for that long but during that time she has made a name for herself. Let’s put it this way, this is one hot babe that has certainly scored with me in many different ways.

I am sure that Lola used to dance in the Rio carnival. She can certainly sway those well rounded hips of her, and I love every perfect curve of her body. When ever she is with me, I feel like I have scored a hat trick, and I simply cannot get enough of her hot offerings. All in all, she is my dream date.

Arsenal Dreams

When I was little lad I tried out for the Arsenal Youth team. I would have loved to have had a go at a footballing career, but my dad did not think there was enough money in it. Silly thing to say today, but things used to be different. At least now I have my hot dates at Arsenal escorts, and I can cheer on my favorite football club. You cannot have it all in life, but many of the things that you need, can be found right here in the old Arsenal of London.