Aldington Escorts in Ashford Kent

You are not going to believe how I find Aldington in Ashford Kent. I was paddling down the old Military Canal in Kent when I came across Aldington. Most people probably find Aldington by blasting down the M20 to the Romney Marshes for a day out, but I found it by paddling down the old Military Canal. I ended up stopping for a drink with my friends and I have to admit that I have been sold on the place ever since. Aldington may have only just over 1,000 residents souls but it is my kind of place.

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Getting out of the Smoke with Aldington Escorts

Before I knew, I was back in London, but a couple of weeks later I was back down in Aldington with a plan in mind. I was going to buy a place out here to try to escape myself more or less.

I had for a long time suffered with a bit of a porn addiction. My sex therapist back in London had suggested that I get out of town every so often. The idea was to get me away from my usual haunts and sort of break the habit of what I was doing in my life. It did not really sound like my idea of fun, and I could not think of where to go. But, after having found Aldington, I knew that I had found a place that I could escape.

When I first started to come out to Aldington to in fact escape myself, I did not know anything about the local escort agency. Not all porn addicts date cheap escorts, but I do as I find that I can talk about them with everything. The outcall escorts that I used to date in London where often my lifeline to the rest of humanity.

After having spent a couple of weekends down in Aldington, I did start feeling a bit lonely one Saturday. I happened to put in some crazy search on the Internet, and up popped Aldington escorts. First of all I tried to stop myself from sneaking a peak, but I lost my self-control.

Anna from cheap Aldington Escorts

Checking out cheap Aldington escorts was not the smartest thing that I could ever have done. if I would have sat down and thought about it, I would have realized that one thing would lead to another. Later on that evening as I was staring into Anna’s blue eyes, I knew that I may have taken the wrong turn in the road.

Of course, Anna was stunning. This tall delicious blonde did not have one enhanced feature. Everything from her perfect skin to her 34 D bust was turning me, and I could feel my motor running. Calling Aldington escorts had not been such a smart thing to do at all. It seemed like Anna and I chatted for hours. I was her last date for the evening, so she did not mind staying for a bit longer.

Looking at the Aldington escorts website, I still think that Anna is the most stunning girl at the escort agency. Her long blonde hair smells sweetly like honey, and I love that you can just see a hint of exotic fantasy lingerie when you look at her. I am not saying that the other girls at Aldington escorts are not sexy, but there is something special about Anna.  In fact, we share an interest in common.

Anna is just as much of a porn addict as I am. Watching porn movies together with this sweet delight from cheap Aldington escorts have come to be my favorite way to spend a Saturday evening. Am I spending more time in Aldington than I should? In many ways Anna from Aldington escorts has become my new addiction. I have not told my sex therapist up in London. She would find some way of talking me into selling the cottage. I need to keep this part of my life away from her, more than anything, I don’t need her to know about Anna from Aldington escorts

Double Life

You may say that my life has taken on a new meaning since I met Anna from Aldington escorts. Do I still feel guilty about my porn addiction? I used to but I have learned that others addicted to porn as well. Instead of going to sex therapists, we would perhaps bet better of spending time in each other company. After all, like Anna says, there are all kinds of addiction.