5 Tips Escorts Should Implement During Encounters

In the escort industry, most often than not, agencies dictate how their individual escorts should operate their businesses. They make sure that specific precautions, rules and guidelines are being followed during a standard encounter with a client. On the other hand, independent escorts are all left on their own and build their own set of precautions, rules and guidelines that will help them in conducting their operations. Without a “standard operating procedure,” she may run the risk of skipping essential steps to make encounters effective and successful. You can consider some of the standards listed below that you should implement:
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  • Mercedes

  • Andrea

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  • Antonia

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* Make appropriate screening methods for your clients.
After a client has successfully reached you via phone or email, you should ask questions that will give your information useful for screening purposes. If you fail to properly probe about your client’s background, then you are leaving yourself on a possible risk as shown in the extract below:
A year ago this month, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down our laws governing prostitution on the basis that they deprived sex workers of the ability to work safely by screening clients and employing security. It seemed like progress for those who sell sex for money — by choice or circumstance — and who have long had to live in fear, in the shadows of the economy, denied the protections against violence we extend to workers in every other field. Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay responded with a new law, one that doesn’t address the safety issues the court clearly said needed addressing. It’s a new law that sex workers — including Scott, who brought the original Supreme Court case, and some I spoke to immediately after MacKay brought the bill forward — say will leave them even more endangered than before.

This is not some moral parlour game, where we lean back in our chairs and express our disgust at the very concept of putting a price on physical intimacy. This is a very real matter of life and death.

I used to work at Eye Weekly, an alternative paper that made much of its revenue from classified ads placed by sexual service providers. I remember in 2003, when I was still relatively new there, two of our clients, women who’d come into our office to pay for their ads every week, were murdered while working.

Cassandra Do was 32, a former nurse’s aide saving money to pay for sex-reassignment surgery, whose friends said she was notoriously careful about screening clients. She was strangled to death.

Lien Pham was a 39-year-old widow, a mother of two. She was strangled in an escort agency apartment while working alone two months later.

 Credits: Keenan: new prostitution law endangers sex workers – Toronto Star


 As an escort, allow yourself to have sufficient time to gather information about your client, his profession, educational background and other things left unknown to you.
* Keep track on the time you spend with your clients.
Inviting a client to an in-call is fairly easy, especially when you are tracking of the time as there may be clocks in plain sight. However, once you are on your way to an in-call encounter, you may notice that it is more challenging to track time. If you have problems like this, then you can find a smart phone application that will let you know what time it is. It is important that you stay on your schedule as an escort.
* Create small conversations with clients as warm ups.
As an escort, starting up a small conversation with a client is essential, especially when you want it to be the transitional phase towards the actual sexual encounter. Getting to know you client in a bit can make him more comfortable with you and will surely establish a connection between you and your client. You can discuss anything under the sun, but do not include personal things to avoid bringing up the same with your personal life. Keep your small conversations short and sweet, since he is expecting more from the encounter.
* Secure your payment before engaging in any activity.
When you and your client has finally meet up, make sure that he is willing to give your payment upfront before continuing to any kind of activities with him. This will also help you in discussing this kind of ‘business’ transaction with him. As an escort, you should have informed him about your rules about paying. If your client tries to shortchange or not pay you immediately, then you can leave right away.
* Affirm and re-affirm arrangements ahead of time.
This step is very important for an escort, especially when she is booking out-calls with new clients. As an escort, make sure that double-check with your client to avoid being tricked to by the client. Verify every information such as the client’s name, address and contact number.


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