3 Erotica Items that can Help Escorts during Encounters

Most escorts are asked by their clients to watch porn series or read erotic stories with him as a way of improving the encounter and insert some sexual tips and tricks into the encounter. If this happens to you, then you should be able to know some ways around the erotica realm to select the proper item of literature or the perfect porn flick or sex video.
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There are a lot of erotica items you can come across, but the most famous are literature, videos, comics and sometimes audio recordings. You should know the likes and dislikes of your client and this will help greatly in choosing the proper type of erotica item for the encounter.
1. Sex videos and porn flicks
Generally, the most famous and most requested type of erotica item by clients is pornographic videos. Most clients have their own collection of porn videos at home. Some men ask escorts to find a new video to help encounters more improved. Also due to technological advances, you may encounter clients who wish use pornographic apps to create porn flicks. An example of one of these apps is shown in the extract below:

The Daily Dot reports about a new time-wasting app called “Jiggler,” which allows anyone with the app – a data connection is not needed – to “enlarge, shrink, and jiggle your avatar’s bathing suit areas.” The app, though, is just the tip of a “Not Safe For Work” (NSFW) iceberg – a coming wave of integrated pornography applications that can turn any smartphone into an adult entertainment portal.

“Jiggler is a new app by way of Utherverse Digital Inc.,” writes EJ Dickson, “which owns the adult virtual reality and role-playing network RedLightCenter. … While the app’s purpose as a mindless time-killer is fairly straightforward, Utherverse CEO Brian Shuster sees Jiggler as just one of a slew of future apps integrating XXX content with technology. … [Utherverse] is also developing a social app that lets you play the role of a porn producer, hiring adult performers and shooting scenes with them. …”

, which could finally make hands-free, virtual-reality pornography a reality. “[The company] is developing a new generation of its software that will not only be Oculus Rift compatible right from the start, but can also replace your current Web browser,” reports Maria Korolov. “The software, currently in Alpha testing, also promises more in-world building tools, better avatar shapes, and other functionality.

Credits: ‘Metaverse’ porn: Danger ahead – WND.com


If you know more information about your client, you can probably know some of his role playing dreams and sexual fantasies.
In addition to this, you can consider finding for a sex or porn video with a clear plot and story line. If you do not want a video that has sex and more sex in it, then you do not have to find one. There are videos that have plot in between the sex scenes. However, you should make sure that you pick out a video with scenes that has foreplay to make it more realistic. Additionally, you can also pick up an expensive production where it features attractive performers and not some ugly porn stars.
2. Audio recordings
As escorts, some of the clients may be interested in just listening to some narratives about erotic stories recorded on CDs while intimately touching or snuggling each other. This will become a transition for the luscious parts of the encounter. There are some productions that have produced a number of sophisticated narratives. In addition, real life sexual sounds are also available for downloads or in a CD production. These narratives or audio recordings are another way of engaging in foreplay and intercourse.
3. Literature
Regardless of the attempts of the history to stop its production about erotic literature, there are still centuries of erotic literature available that are worth your reading. There are several genres that exist, which includes supernatural, gossip, fiction, non-fiction, historical, how-to, and some other stuff. As escorts, you can ask your clients on the type of story he is interested with.
Moreover, if the client asks you to have how-to manuals, then you can choose the most popular Kama Sutra. Although this is an age-old literature about tantric sex, this is still one of the favorite reads chosen not by just clients and escorts, but as well as to ordinary people not involved in the escorting industry. Generations after generations, this book or literature have been used to enhance the people’s sexual lives and become more in touch with each other. Through this manual, you can find all forms of sexual positions.


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